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How to create Feynman diagrams Tips Diagrams

How to create Feynman diagrams with LyX

First, you will need to install the LaTeX-package feyn using the package manager of your LaTeX-distribution or from here.

Feynman diagram support with feyn.sty is built in since LyX 2.0, see the Help→Specific Manuals→Feynman-Diagram Manual for details and examples, as well as the feyn manual.

Older Versions of LyX

For LyX version < 2.0, support is not built in, and you may need to do the following:

  1. Add this line to your LyX-document preamble

You can abuse LyX's X-Y diagrams support in order to create Feynman Diagrams more easily in math-mode. In the preamble: \renewcommand{\xymatrix}{\Diagram}

And then, writing something like:

\xymatrix{!{fdV}{k\nwarrow} & !{hA}q & h & !{fuV}{k'\nearrow}
!{fuA}{p\nearrow} & & & !{fdA}{p'\nwarrow}}

In math mode, will create nice diagram.

Here you find an example LyX document to start with. (here is the PDF-output)

Index Conflicts

feyn.sty redefines the ! command globally. When the module Theorems (AMS) is loaded, this will cause issues with indices (e.g. Feynman ! Diagram). To fix, add the option noglobalbang to the document class properties.

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