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Dead keys and Compose key often fail in installations of LyX, especially when qt wasn't present beforehand. Here are some tips to fix this.

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  1.   1.  What's going on?
  2.   2.  Particular solutions
    1.   2.1  Ubuntu 10.10
  3.   3.  KDE
  4.   4.  Categories

1.  What's going on?

Usually, it's a matter of getting the right input method to work with Qt in the right way. The usual input methods are xim, scim, ibus, etc.

2.  Particular solutions

2.1  Ubuntu 10.10

In this version of Ubuntu, only ibus is installed, but the ibus-qt4 module isn't in the default installation, so Qt assumes xim is the right input method. Thus:

1. Install the ibus-qt4 and qt4-qtconfig packages:

sudo apt-get install ibus-qt4 qt4-qtconfig

2. Launch qtconfig-qt4

You can do by typing alt-F2 and writing qt4-qtconfig.

3. Go the "Interface" tab, and choose "ibus" as "Default Input Method"

3.  KDE

In KDE regardless of the distribution it runs on, System Settings lets you choose the compose key.

1. Go to System Settings (from the "K" menu),

2. then choose "Input Devices" then "Keyboard."

3. Click on the "Advanced" tab in the right pane and toggle "Configure Keyboard Options."

4. Clicking the little arrow next to "Compose key position" will let you choose which of the "dead" keys on your keyboard (Ctrl, Alt, CapsLock, etc) will function as a compose key.

4.  Categories

Category: Tips

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