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Using LyX in Full-screen mode

With LyX 1.6 you can toggle gui elements and expand your LyX editing area to full screen.

Look for the doxygen documentation of ui-toggle LFUN for toggling particular elements. That will enable you to customize the view of ui elements even more, e.g. status and menu bar toggling - however these would work only for normal window, not fullscreen mode.

For your inspiration some command like the below one will switch you to the console-like window (the exact sequence depends on what toolbars you want to enable/disable of course)

command-sequence ui-toggle statusbar; ui-toggle scrollbar; ui-toggle menubar; ui-toggle frame; toolbar-toggle standard; toolbar-toggle vcs; toolbar-toggle extra; toolbar-toggle minibuffer

Currently fullscreen mode was implemented (and bound to F11 key) which corresponds to ui-toggle fullscreen LFUN. Settings for fullscreen mode can be found in Tools->Preferences->Editing->Control->Fullscreen. These settings makes it possible to either hide or show toolbars, scrollbars, tabs, and the menubar. There is also an option to limit text width in fullscreen mode (there is currently no way to set margins or padding for the view in fullscreen mode). Entering or exiting fullscreen mode can be done by pressing the F11 key, toggling View->Fullscreen from the menubar (if visible) or right-clicking and toggling the fullscreen mode from the popup menu.

There are known limitations:

  • for Mac users outliner does not work properly in fullscreen. Also focusing problems were reported when switching to/from fullscreen mode for some users.
  • menu in fullscreen has problems and was disabled on some platforms unless you have Qt 4.5 at least.
  • In KDE 3.5, when returning from full-screen to windowed view, the window is moved upwards so that the title bar may be offscreen (bug 5233).


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