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Paper layout, i.e. about margins and various lengths appearing on a page

The purpose of this page is to help people understand the Units used in LyX.

With the LaTeX-package 'layout' you are able to check what distances are currently set in your document. The layout package should be part of all standard LaTeX-distributions.
To use it, add to the preamble: \usepackage{layout}
Then open in your document a TeX-code box (shortcut Ctrl+L) and insert the command \layout. When exporting the document, you will get a picture similar to this: paperDistances

An alternative approach is to use one of the KOMA-Script document classes. These classes use the LaTeX-package 'typearea' to define the layout. See the KOMA-Script manual at CTAN:tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/koma-script/scrguien.pdf for more details.

* The length \linewidth is the width of lines in the current environment. Normally this length equals \textwidth, but within environments such as list or quote it may be different.
** source file in Tgif-format: paperDistances.tgo

Units Layout

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