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Tensor Index Notation

The tensind package provides a natural way to produce tensors symbols
with multiple up and down indices such as Rijkl and the like in LaTeX.
In LaTeX, one loads the package in the preamble:
Then in the document one just enters $?R^i_{jk}^l?$ where in this case the ? designates
the beginning and end of the tensor expression.
In LyX, using the same input inside mathed won't work: LyX reorders the
indices such that lower indices always come first, which messes things up.

Here is a workaround: All indices after the first one need to be preceded by an empty
pair of brackets (entering "\{" in mathed). The resulting LateX code
$?R^i{}_{jk}{}^l?$ is understood by tensind
and it even looks nice in mathed.

To streamline this, you can optionally define a math macro
(I use \tudu for tensor, up-down-up) e.g. as follows: place the text
into a math box to get a math macro. Then into the still empty formatting box of the macro, paste
to make the display in LyX nice. The same can of course be done for other
index combinations. You now have a tensind up-down-up tensor with graphical input inside mathed. That's it.
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