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How to set up LyX under Windows to use it for Amharic

Note: Amharic will first be supported by LyX in the version LyX 2.3 that has not yet been released.


  1. Install LyX for Windows
  2. Install fonts that include the characters of the Ge'ez script. A good choice is the font Abyssinica SIL. Note that the wide-spread WashRa fonts are not fully compliant to Unicode and can therefore not be used.

Testing the Installation

  1. Run LyX and press Ctrl+N to open a new document. Write a few words in English, and press Ctrl+R.
    A PDF viewer program should be opened; check that it displays the text correctly.
  2. Open another document and call the menu Document → Settings.
    1. Select there in the Language section "Amharic"
    2. Select there in the Fonts section e.g. the font "Abyssinica SIL" as roman, sans-serif and as typewriter font.
    3. Press OK to close the document settings and type in a few words. In the document settings Press Ctrl+R and check the output.

Possible problems

  • LyX allows you to make text bold, italic typewriter etc. but the output will not change. The reason is that the Ge'ez script does not have all these font specials or that the font you have chosen does not support them.
  • If you do not see Amharic characters in LyX, check in the LyX preferences that the screen fonts support Amharic.

Windows Amharic

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