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How to set up LyX under Windows to use it for Devanagari and/or Hindi


  1. Install LyX for Windows
  2. In the Windows installer don't forget to select to install the spell checker for "हिंदी".
  3. Download the font Siddhanta from here and/or Chandas form here and/or Uttara from here.
  4. Install the font(s) by right-clicking on the *.ttf file(s).

Testing the Installation

  1. Run LyX and press Ctrl+N to open a new document.
  2. In the menu Document→Settings→Language use the language Hindi.
  3. Select one of the installed fonts in the menu Document→Settings→Fonts.

Possible problems

  • Install the package makecmds using MiKTeX's Package Manager if you cannot compile your files. (Normally MiKTeX will automatically install it.)
  • If you do not see Devanagari characters in LyX, check in the LyX preferences that the screen fonts support Devanagari.

Windows Devanagari Hindi

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