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How to set up LyX under Windows to use it for Latvian


  1. Install LyX for Windows
  2. In the Windows installer don't forget to select to install the spell checker for "Latviešu".

Problems with default settings

By default LyX uses the TeX fonts to create the PDF output. The disadvantage is that these fonts cannot handle Unicode. Therefore your document might look good if you have for example used the Latin Modern fonts but if you copy text in the PDF and paste it to a text editor you will see that for example the word "valodām" is pasted as "valod¯am". This is because Latin Modern uses the trick to place a bar above the letter because it does not contain the character that includes the accent.

The solution is to use non-TeX fonts. To do this check in the menu Document→Settings→Fonts the option Use non-TeX fonts. The default font delivers already a nice and correct result but you are of course free to choose another font.

Windows Latvian

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