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LyX 1.3.7

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The latest version of LyX 1.3.7 for Windows is: 1.3.7_v3 (released Match 17th 2006)

Download: lyx-1.3.7_win32_setup_v3.exe

LyX 1.3.7 was released on 17 January 2006. We hope that this will be the last release in the 1.3.x series. In addition to many bug fixes, the following improvements are worth noting:

  • LyX 1.3.7 is able to read all LyX files up to file format 245, the format that we anticipate will be used by the forthcoming LyX 1.4.0.
  • The Windows version has received some polish, in particular in the installer and in the handling of file names that contain spaces.

All current 1.3.x users are encouraged to upgrade to this version. Please read the announcement for a detailed list of bugs that have been squashed since the release of LyX 1.3.6 in July 2005. The LyX 1.3.7 for Windows package also benefits from the many improvements that have been made to the Q../Free GPL-ed clone of Trolltech's Qt3 GUI toolkit over the last six months.


LyX 1.3.7 for Windows is available via one of two installers.

  • The official installer, provided by the LyX team, is relatively simple and will install only LyX itself, although it provides links to much of the other software that LyX uses. If you're upgrading from an earlier version of LyX and already have MiKTeX, Perl, Python et al. installed on your machine, you should use this. To enable spell checking, you need to install Aspell.
  • Uwe Stöhr has created a separate installer that packages up all of these extra bits and pieces too. Uwe uses the official installer to provide him with the LyX executable and qt-mt3.dll library, so if you're new to LyX and just want to try it out, this is probably the installer for you.

Installing LyX

If you're using the LyXWinInstaller then you just need to press Go!

If you are using the official installer here's one word of warning: if you want to overwrite a previous LyX 1.3.6 installation with LyX 1.3.7, you should first uninstall LyX 1.3.6. Thereafter, the installer will guide you through many of the steps needed to produce a useful LyX environment, but it doesn't do everything. Please see the installation instructions for details.

Note: Some of our users report that the configure script fails to run and, as a result, LyX fails to start, reporting a missing textclass.lst file. To fix, run the command (using MSYS): 'sh configure' from the <LyX>/Resources/lyx directory. For example, if your installation directory is C:\Program Files\LyX, the appropriate commands in MSYS are:

cd /c/Program\ Files/LyX/Resources/lyx
sh configure

If this didn't work, try using the path comand:

path "C:/Program Files/LyX/bin/"

And then run the above

In some cases (Cygwin installed, does it have to do with something ?), this still fails. Go to your personal directory c:\Documents and Settings\<login>\Application Data\LyX and you will find a file called textclass.lst. It contains generally nothing but comments. Check for it and erase it. LyX should run fine.


17 March 2006

  • Fixed many of the irritating little problems to do with "lyxrc.defaults", "path_prefix" and the Windows Installer.
  • Update to the latest and greatest version of the Q../Free library.
  • Update to the latest and greatest version of the Aspell spell checker library.

18 January 2006

  • Update to the Danish translation of the Windows Installer, from Janus Sandsgaard.
  • Update to the Q../Free library, bug fixes by Michal Mecinski:
    • src/kernel/qapplication_win.cpp: don't erase the widget's background in QETWidget::translatePaintEvent() if it has the WNoAutoErase flag set.
    • src/kernel/qeventloop_win.cpp:
    • src/kernel/qeventloop_win_utils.cpp: fix QEventLoop::wakeUp() to wake the gui thread, not the current thread from which the function was called.

17 January 2006

  • LyX 1.3.7 is released.

Windows Installation

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