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Spell Checker Dictionaries for Windows

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The LyX for Windows installer allows you to select and install all available hunspell dictionaries. To update existing dictionaries either reinstall LyX using the latest installer or download the dictionary files and copy them to the subfolder \Resources\dicts of LyX's installation folder.

The latest hunspell dictionaries can be found at


NOTE: since LyX 2.0.0 aspell is no longer supported by LyX.
These aspell spell checker dictionaries can be used with LyX 1.3.7 up to LyX 1.6.9:

To change the language used by the spell checker for new documents, the default language for LyX must be changed. This can be achieved by going to Tools -> Preferences -> Language Settings -> Language -> Default Language. Choose the language you wish to use from the drop down list.

If you are opening an old document it may have a different language or dialect specified. In this case you will have to change the documents settings. Go to Document -> Settings -> Language -> Language and from the drop down list change the language/dialect to the one you wish to use. The spellchecker will use a dictionary list most similar to this language/dialect.

Windows Installation Spell Checking

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