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MHRA Style

The MHRA style is defined in the MHRA Style Guide, which can be downloaded at http://www.mhra.org.uk/Publications/Books/StyleGuide/index.html.

References References in MHRA are in footnotes. The first reference should be a full reference, subsequent references are either 'McArthur, p. 62.' or 'McArthur, <i>Worlds of Reference</i>, p. 9.' depending if there is possible ambiguity regarding the book (i.e. more than one book by the same author).

Tom McArthur, <i>Worlds of Reference: Lexicography, Learning and Language from the Clay Tablet to the Computer</i>, ed. by Thomas H. Johnson, trans. by Roland Haltmeier, rev. by F. P. Wilson (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986), pp. 12-16 (13)

The names of up to three authors should be given in full; for works by more than three authors the name of only the first should be given, followed by ‘and others’. If there is no author, then the reference simply starts with the title.

Article or Chapter in Book
Martin Elsky, 'Words, Things, and Names: Jonson’s Poetry and Philosophical Grammar’, in <i>Classic and Cavalier: Essays on Jonson and the Sons of Ben</i>, ed. by Claude J. Summers and Ted-Larry Pebworth (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1982), pp. 31–55 (p. 41).

The book that the book is named first and the the editor.

Article in Journal
Victor Skretkowicz, ‘Devices and their Narrative Function in Sidney’s Arcadia’, <i>Emblematica</i>, 12 (1986), 267–92, (p. 270).

Note that there is no comma after the volume number (generally there is no comma before the editor and date in parantheses).

Note that there is no p. or pp. for articles in a journal (generally there is no p. or pp. if the page numbers are in a volume).

Bibliography The references in the bibliography are almost identical to references in the footnotes. There are some exceptions: *the first author's name is swapped around (surname, firstname initials)

  • there should be no fullstop at the end.
  • if there is no author then the reference looks like this:

Johnson, Thomas H., ed., <i>Emily Dickinson: Selected Letters</i>, 2nd edn (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1985)

MHRA Style Humanities

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