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Making jurabib work with MLA

Even though the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, which defines the rules for citing according to the Modern Language Association's rules (if you don't have this book, have a look at MLA-Examples), is in its sixth edition by now, there is only a ten year-old mla.sty around which doesn't account for recent changes and additions. The problem with MLA citations is their completely different formatting of footnotes on the one and the bibliography on the other hand. Therefore jurabib.sty with its many options you can control manually is a really good basis, if only you tweak it a little bit.

At the moment, I can offer you a heavily tweaked .bst- and .sty-file, but if you prefer to change as little as possible in the original jurabib.sty, you have to add the changes to your tex-file. Then you only have to add three new entry-types into your jurabib.sty in order to get right the correct citations in your footnotes. If you prefer in-text citations, you have to wait for James to upload his changes, as he has done work on that aspect.

BTW, my mla-files are a "work in progress", as I've taken to modifying them whenever I'm not happy with anything and need something else. I can't think of every odd alternative, but the files are working fine for the most common and a few of the stranger examples. All the files that you need and a (very) short explanation can be found in mla6.rar (right click and then "save target"...).

UPDATE(09.02.2007): I corrected minor flaws I found when working with the files in my own projects, please download the new files!

/Katrin Althans

Parenthetical In-text Citations

To use in-text citations, download mla6-intext.zip as well as Katrin's mla6.rar file. The zip includes a .tex file and a .pdf typeset of it, but for it to work, it is necessary to use Katrin's files as well. Good luck!

/James Clawson

Jurabib Humanities BibTeX

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