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Canadian legal journals generally require citation in accordance with the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation ("the McGill Guide"), currently in its 6th edition (2006). Reference here will be preliminary and limited to secondary materials (not legislation or case law, which requires separate treatment).

1. General

Citations appear as a rule in footnotes. Author names

  First name before last.
  Names appear exactly as in print (i.e., initials or full name).

Multiple authors separated by an ampersand:

  author one & author two
  author one, author two & author three
  four or more authors: author one et al. (et al in italics)

In most cases pinpointing to a page or page range is required

Subsequent references are made using either form:

  Ibid. at 320--54.   (or)
  Supra note 30 at 320--54.

2. Books

S.M. Waddams, The Law of Contracts, 3d ed. (Toronto: Canada Law Book, 1993) [Waddams, Contracts].

  The title only appears in italics.
  A short form may be established for subsequent reference, but is not strictly required.

3. Journal articles

Bruce Chapman, "Rational Choice and Categorical Reason" (2003) 151 U. Penn. L. Rev. 1169 [Chapman, "Rational Choice]

[Author][comma]["title"][(year)][volume][journal name][start page][pinpoint]

  Short form of articles, unlike that of a book, appears in quotation marks, not italics.
  Pinpoint like this: Bruce Chapman, "Rational Choice and Categorical Reason" (2003) 151 U. Penn. L. Rev. 1169 at 1179.

4. Incollection

Larry S. Bourne, "Urban Canada in Transition to the Twenty-First Century: Trends, Issues, and Visions", in Trudi Bunting and Pierre Filion, eds., Canadian Cities in Transition: the Twenty-First Century, 2d ed. (Don Mills, Ontario: Oxford University Press Canada, 2000) 30 at 32

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