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Categories and category tags at the LyX wiki.

1.  Executive summary

To categorize (or tag or label) a page, add [[!<category-tag>]] to that page — don't forget the exclamation (!) mark at the beginning. In case of complete and utter lack of imagination, you can always use the tag:

[[!Tag me]]

It means that this page belongs to the category of pages that need more and better tags.

Note that even if the page has one or two tags that you are not happy with, you can still have them and in addition add [[!Tag me]].

For consistency, place the category marker at the end of the page. Note that the categories a page belongs to are automatically shown in the top right corner of the page.

2.  Messages

2.1  The message: "No category tags - page not saved"

This message is shown when you try to save a page that has no category tags at all. The message means that the page was not save because it has no category tags and in order for you to be allowed to save the page you must add a tag.

2.2  The message: "Please categorize this page"

When you see the text "Please categorize this page" in the top right corner of a wiki page it means that the page has not category tag at all. Please edit the page in question then and make it belong to a suitable category. For instance, if the page is about PDFs and publishing online, then the following tags might be suitable to add at the end of that page:

[[!PDF]], [[Publish online]]

3.  Guidelines and conventions for chosing category tags

  • Use singular forms where possible, i.e. "PDF" rather than "PDFs"
  • We will improve on the categories later on :-)
  • Give each page a suitable number of categories, e.g 2-3 categories

If a page belongs in more than one category, you may add them all. E.g. using [[!BibTeX]], [[!Example]] and [[!Tip]] is perfecly fine.

  • If the page is an example, add a tag Example
  • If the page is a tip, add a tag Tip
  • If the page is related to BibTeX, add a tag BibTeX

Here are some more examples of tags that have been used at this site:

Bibliography, BibTeX, LaTeX, Jurabib, MHRA Style, Humanities, PDF, Development, Windows, Translation, Example, Figure, Math, Linebreak, Inline formula, Citation, FAQ

3.1  Special tags

  • [[!Tag me]] — this tag means that the page needs more and/or better tags. It can always be added to a page that you think need better tags — or in case you have no imagination and cannot think of a better tag.

4.  More information

See the PmWiki documentatation page PmWiki.categories for more information.

5.  List of described categories

Below is a list of categories that have specific descriptions (there are many other categories without specific descriptions):


6.  All categories

(:CategoryIndex:) <not working yet>

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