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Contributing to the LyX Documentation Project: A README.

By John Wiess [3/2000]

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  1.   1.  Introduction
  2.   2.  Helping out

1.  Introduction

First, before you do anything else, read the official LyX Documentation Style Sheet. It's called DocStyle.lyx. It comes with every LyX distribution, in the same directory as all of the other LyX documentation.

Read it. Learn it. Love it.

Then, and only then, should you touch the docs.

You see, g++ is far more forgiving of style changes than a human brain. As long as the code is correct, g++ will happilly compile it, and compile it the same way from machine to machine. Human brains are far less forgiving and far more individualized.

So, the documentation needs to all be in a uniform style, in addition to being grammatically correct and easily readable. That's a pretty big undertaking - which is why I volunteered to administrate the docs back in 1997. Since then, I've passed the duty of maintaining the docs on to others.

2.  Helping out

If you'd like to contribute to the LyX Documentation Project, start by reading the file Intro.lyx. It contains a description of the style of the documentation from a reader's perspective. After that, read the LyX Documentation Style Sheet (DocStyle.lyx) and commit it to memory!

John Weiss March, 2000

Category: Development, Documentation, Documentation development

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