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Development of LyX documentation

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Development of LyX documentation.

This group of wiki pages is dedicated to help with the development of LyX documentation, e.g. discussing it's structure and contents.

Start by reading DocStyle.lyx. It comes as part of LyX, in the same directory as all of the other documentation. For your convenience, here is an uploaded PDF-version (2005-01-17) and a link to the latest LyX version in the repository,

Here is ??? <what's missing here?>

After the second version of the offical LyX Documentation Style Sheet grew uncomfortably large, the LyX DocTeam decided it needed to lose some excess weight. It seems the Style Sheet began to specify too many special cases, too many points of clarification. On the other hand, contributors to the documents were discovering many creative ways of misinterpreting the Style Sheet specifications. Therefore:

If you have any questions about anything in the Style Sheet, ask first, write second!

Field all questions to the LyX Developer's Mailing List. There are seasoned DocTeam members who can answer your questions. If you have any problems with the Style Sheet itself, also contact the mailing list.

See contributing for the basic "README"-version of getting started contributing to the LyX Documentation Project.

See DocumentFormat for notes on the desired style of the documentation.

Quote from JMarc?:

Never forget that the primary goal of the user guide is to be usable, and that everybody can just print it without tinkering.

1.  Tips, important links and InterMap prefixes

  • On wiki pages, you can link to a document in the version control system (VCS) with the prefix LyXDoc:, e.g. LyXDoc:UserGuide.lyx.
  • To link to raw file in the VCS, use the prefix LyXDocRaw:, e.g. LyXDocRaw:UserGuide.lyx

2.  Pages related to the LyX documentation project

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