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This page (intends to) lists the documentation of the LyX project. Also see the page what goes where.

Note: My (Christian) purpose with this page is initally to document where/how the master document is maintained, i.e. if it is a .lyx-file that is then read in LyX, or if we export as a PDF, or if we perhaps keep the information on wiki pages.

Note: Please put each document in its own heading. These will then automatically be listed in the TOC above.

"Official" Documentation

Title: Introduction to LyX

Title: The LyX Tutorial

Title: The LyX User's Guide

Title: Extended LyX Features

Title: Customizing LyX: Features for the Advanced User

Title: LyX Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

  • Master version: The wiki pages in the group FAQ?

Title: LyX Documentation Table of Contents


Title: Inventory of your LaTeX configuration


  • Master version: Automatically generated when doing reconfigure in LyX

Title: Reference???


  • Name: DocStyle
  • Master version: LyXDoc:DocStyle.lyx
  • We "publish" it as a PDF, or it can be read via LyX

Other documentation

Title: lyxfonts2.lyx

Category: Development, Documentation, Documentation development

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