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Describes what content go to what documenation (also see documents).

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  1.   1.  Content - What goes where
    1.   1.1  Intro.lyx
    2.   1.2  UserGuide.lyx
    3.   1.3  Extended.lyx
    4.   1.4  Tutorial.lyx
    5.   1.5  Customization.lyx
    6.   1.6  Reference.lyx
Note: I think the text below comes from some .lyx-file? /Christian

1.  Content - What goes where

This is very important to anyone documenting a new feature. If you need to add new documentation, pay attention.

In the dim and distant past, whenever someone wanted to document a new feature they added, they either wrote a mini-doc and stuck it into the documentation directory, or they added a new section to the lone manual. No one paid much attention to organization in those days, either. The result was a totally bloated, totally unnavigable, and incomplete manual orbitted by a swarm of tiny, incomplete mini-docs. I don't want the docs to fall back into that mess.

With that in mind, I have some instructions for how to keep things organized:

1.1  Intro.lyx

Please, don't touch this file. It's essentially complete, anyhow. Only the editor(s) should make changes to this, as this file contains info about how to contribute to the doc project. That's really the only stuff that should need to change, and even then, only when a new maintainer comes along.

1.2  UserGuide.lyx

This file is complete. Any changes should be for updates only. DO NOT ADD new features to here willy-nilly. Let the editor decide if — and when — new sections go in here. Place any new features in...

1.3  Extended.lyx

This is where all new features go from now on. It's in the style of a bound journal — each section is an "article" from the author of the feature. Also, anyone who writes a .layout file for a new document class should write a section describing that new class and how to use it. That also goes here.

Note, however, that you are not excused from following this Style Sheet just because the sections of Extended.lyx are in the form of a journal article.

1.4  Tutorial.lyx

This file is complete. Do not change or add to without permission of the Documenation Project Editor.

1.5  Customization.lyx

This document describes advanced features, most of which alter the look, feel, and behavior of LyX. This manual is still a bit incomplete, although that may change soon. Check for updates often.

If you are unsure whether or not something belongs in Customization.lyx, then, most-likely, it really belongs in Extended.lyx. Again, let the current editor of the LyX documentation decide if your new section should be migrated to Customization.lyx.

1.6  Reference.lyx

I'd prefer to completely finish this one before doing anything else, but that's unrealistic. LyX keeps changing so much that I think the Reference Manual will be the last one completed. However, I'd like it if the developer's would add entries anytime they create a new function or popup. That would help things immensely!

Note that the Reference Manual follows this Style Sheet for the most part. There are, however, additional rules to follow when making new entries. At the top of this manual, there are examples of and a template for Reference Manual entries. Use them.

Category: Development, Documentation, Documentation development

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