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Presentations with LyX using PPower4

Here is an example of creating a pdf-presentation with LyX and PPower4. There exists an example pdf file and the corresponding LyX file. Just try it out and have fun...

(Note: the examples unfortunately are only in German at the moment. As soon as I have a little time left I will translate them into English.)


You need of course PPower4. Then you have to make sure that you have installed the foilTeX-package. The corresponding layout file foils.layout should have come to you with LyX.


  • German example in PDF (in an tar.gz archive, 50kB) and LyX (17kB) -- actually the LyX file is a bit more detailed, because I had to "shrink" the PDF in order to stick to the file size restrictions.
  • English example will follow soon (hopefully).
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