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Notes from creating prosper-layout/sample.lyx

These are notes from creating the document:


Note: This directory/file has disappeared, so just imagine this being for one of the other examples.

  • I created a new LyX-document, set the document class to slides (prosper) and entered title, author, institution and slides as normal.
  • The prosper.layout doesn't support "subtitle" or "email", so those have to be defined in the preamble.
  • I had problems compiling since prosper tried to find PPRenglish.sty which doesn't exist. To solve that problem I created a link:
    PPRenglish.sty -> PPRdefault.sty
    Alternatively, you can just write default in Layout->Document->Layout->Options, this makes prosper use PPRdefault.sty instead.
  • The papersize of the exported sample.pdf was incorrectly set as "letter". This shows up as a strange size of the slide when viewed in fullscreen-mode with for instance Acroread. To fix this, I first made sure that these tools produce A4 as default:
    • dvips
    • ghostscript
but I also have to go into Edit->Preferences->Outputs->LaTeX and set Default paper size to A4.
About dvips, check the file texmf/dvips/config/ If IIRC, the important thing is that these two lines:
@ A4size 210mm 297mm
@+ %%PaperSize: A4
come before any lines that define "letter" as paper size.
  • Now the fullscreen view looks good horizontally, but there are still two unused areas above and below the slide.
  • To actually use the entire screen area, I had to add the document option ("Layout->Document->Layout->Options"): pdf, which is really needed to tell Prosper that this is meant as a slide presentation using PDF.
  • To get the document to automatically open in fullscreen mode, I added the following to the preamble:
  • Finally, I also saved this document as prosper-layout/fancy.lyx, where I added the following document options: pascal,colorBG,slideColor to make it more colourful and fancy.
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Page last modified on 2005-12-01 23:20 UTC