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Compatibility with other word/document processors

§1.  Can LyX be used to edit LaTeX files?

Not directly, no. LyX is not a LaTeX editor in that sense, the way TeXShop or Kile or emacs is, and you cannot directly edit the LaTeX source that LyX produces from within LyX itself (though you can see it, by opening the View>Source pane).

Rather, LyX uses its own internal file format, which it converts to LaTeX as necessary. From LyX's point of view, then, LaTeX is just one among many output formats that it can produce, though it is, of course, a particularly important one. Other such formats include DocBook, plain text, and (as of LyX 2.0) XHTML. (And these can in turn be converted to yet other formats, of course.)

If you have a LaTeX file you want to edit in LyX, that file can be imported (File>Import>LaTeX) or converted from the command line using the tex2lyx program that comes with LyX. It's not perfect, but it will usually do a pretty good job importing your file, and then you can clean it up manually.

So, in a sense, LyX can be used to edit LaTeX files. The LaTeX files that LyX produces are both machine and human friendly, and they can be edited as usual. The resulting file can then re-imported. That said, the limitations of tex2lyx make perfect "round trip" editing impossible in most cases. So, again, LyX is not a LaTeX editor.

§2.  Can I read/write Word files?

Yes, but not trivially. See ImportExport for more information.

§3.  Can I read/write HTML files?

Yes, with varying degrees of success. See ImportExport for more information.

Compatibility MSWord HTML Import Export FAQ

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