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Frequently Asked Questions about how to customize the LyX User Interface (Shortcuts, menus etc.)

§1.  How do I find out what keyboard shortcuts or keyboard bindings I am using?

The file Help→Shortcuts lists your current bindings.

§2.  Is there an alternative binding for C-Tab?

C-Tab is captured by my window manager, but I need it in math-mode to change the alignment points in the equation?
Try the binding below, which maps it to C-equal:

 \bind "~S-C-equal" "tab-insert" 

§3.  Why doesn't Meta-D (Alt-D) etc. work as expected with Emacs keyboard bindings?

This happens because of a conflict between the frontend (Qt) which grabs the key and uses it to open a menu (Meta-D will open the menu Document).

You can work around this by making your own .ui-files, where you in this case have to change a line such as this:

SubMenu "Document|D" "document"   


SubMenu "Document" "document" 

This removes the keyboard shortcut for the document menu and the frontend will no longer grab Meta-D.

§4.  What are your "Frequently Used Shortcuts" ?

See frequently used shortcuts

§5.  How can change the order of layouts in the drop-down list? Sort layouts alphabetically in style list?

See layouts change order.

§6.  Where can I find examples of keyboard macros, or command-sequences?

See command sequences

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