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How can change the order of layouts in the drop-down list? Sort layouts alphabetcially in style list?

Based on this thread. To manually set the order that the layouts appear in the Layout dropdown list, do as follows:
Paul: You can manually change the ordering of the styles by using something like the following in your .layout file.

  #Sort the order of the styles
Style Standard
Style Chapter
Style Section
Style Subsection
Style Subsubsection
Style Paragraph
Style List

This should put force them to appear in that order, starting from the top, and anything not explicity listed will follow. That way, you can put the most frequently used styles near the top (or bottom) of the list, where they are easier to find.

Bo Peng: This might be a good solution to advanced users who want to (and know how to) control everything. However, alphabetic ordering should be easier to use for most of the users (who do not necessarily know where the .layout files are).

Paul: While I am honoured that you consider me an "advanced user", I am afraid that this is not the case. Let me explain...

Say that you are using "book" class (for example), then find the file "book.layout". To find this file in Linux, type "locate book.layout", or in Windows then "Windows Key + F" and search for "book.layout". Once you've found the file, all you need to do is simply add the few lines that I previously suggested (these will probably need changing, depending on the exact class you are using, and your preferences). You need to restart LyX after you've modified the layout-file. The styles should then appear in the defined order upon restarting LyX.

Having said all of that - in theory I agree with you that alphabetical order could be a useful feature. However, there are many other features that I personally would deem to be more important..

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