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This is from the lyx user's list.

Subject: Patch that lets 1.3.0 import files from subdirectories

See http://www.aitel.hist.no/~helgehaf/sw/sw.html for a patch that lets lyx (1.3.0 and 1.2.x) include files from subdirectories.

This is useful mainly when writing something large, like a book. The patch makes it possible to have different chapters (or parts) in different subdirectories. This is possible with plain lyx only if the files in subdirs don't include any more files (or graphics) on their own.

The problem lies in latex, which need the import.sty package for this to work. My patch add an option to use import.sty as an alternative to include/import.

Helge Hafting

Christian: I've solved this slightly different (I didn't know about this patch). See http://www.lyx.org/~chr/lyx/examples/thesis for an example how a multipart document can be structured. The problem is basically solved using links.

Jean-Marc: this problem is supposed to be fixed as of LyX 1.3.5 (and 1.4.0 will contain a better fix). It would be interesting to know what problems still exist.

I think it is not solved for the Os X (Mac) 1.3.6 Version.

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