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Frequently Asked Questions about Citations, Cross References and Indexes

§ Citing/Bibliography

§ What is the difference between "normal" BibTeX, Natbib, Jurabib, Biblatex etc.?

§ How can I make citations show up as [1,2,3,6] or [1-3,6] rather than [1][2][3][6]?

Insert \usepackage{cite} into the LaTeX preamble. Most LaTeX distributions should have this package included.
LyX supports this package, if you insert multiple citations separated by commas into the citation dialog, e.g. [Smalley_JCP,Jarrold_Sci], instead of just one citation after the other: [Smalley_JCP] [Jarrold_Sci].

§ How can I create a shortcut to Insert > Citation / Cross-Reference / Label / Index Entry / Nomenclature Entry?

Add the following lines into to your user.bind:

\bind "M-c" "citation-insert"
\bind "M-r" "dialog-show-new-inset ref"
\bind "M-l" "label-insert"
\bind "M-i" "index-insert"
\bind "M-n" "nomencl-insert"

§ Indexing

How can I generate multiple indexes?

FAQ Bibliography

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