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Frequently Asked Questions about Titling issues (Title, Author, Date etc.)

§1.  How do I get rid of the date under the title?

The simplest solution is to open the menu Document→Settings... and check "Suppress default date on front page"

§2.  How can I change the date format?

The date format is language-specific and pre-defined by babel, LaTeX's language framework.

If you write an English document and want to have February 13, 2003 instead of 13th February 2003, simply change the language of the document to American.

Note that the setting in Tools→Preferences→Outputs→Date format do not affect the document date. This setting is the format of the date that is inserted via Alt-x date-insert.

§3.  How can I insert multiple authors?

The trick is that multiple authors have to be divided by \and in LaTeX mode, i.e., John Doe \and Jimmy Dee. Make sure that the \and is followed by a space and that the paragraph style is Author.

Note that some classes use \And (capital letters) instead of \and (small letters).

Also see this page for a lengthy discussion.

FAQ Titling

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