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About the LaTeX visual FAQ.

From a post by Stephen Harris:

Welcome to the UK List of [locally searchable plus Google] TeX Frequently Asked Questions on the Web

SH: But sometimes one doesn't know the correct search keyword.

This is a 29 page visually oriented document which demonstrates many early questions about How do I use Latex for such and such purpose.

One can scroll through the document and see features demonstrated inside sections surrounded with a green boundary. If you click on the link area you are transported to the UK list of TeX Frequently Asked Questions which are opened in a web browser started from the pdf.

One can search the visualFAQ.pdf for a word like "margin" and see if that matches the task you want to perform in a visual manner. And if you don't know the keyword, one can browse the visualFAQ doc till you see what you want to do. It is a fun toy!

I think that a fairly new version of Acrobat Reader is required. One can have an alternate free pdf writer open (doesn't work quite as well but still connects to the FaqLink) to use this reference and still keep Acrobat Reader available to View a .lyx doc in .pdf. I used Foxit.

I was a bit amazed to see how many of the Latex questions re: LyX which appeared recently, that are covered in this example document. When in the flow of creation, this method is a first line of defence to the interruption from writing of having to compose a question for the user mailing list and then waiting for the (ever helpful) mailing list to respond.

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