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Modified AMS Layout Files (LyX 1.4.x and 1.5.x)

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Modified AMS Layout Files (LyX 1.4.x and 1.5.x)

These are modified versions of the AMS layout files for LyX 1.4.x and 1.5.x. The 1.5.x files are included in the LyX 1.5.2 release and have undergone a more extensive rewrite than the ones for 1.4.x. Users of LyX 1.6 and later should check the Modules page.

Changes in the 1.5.x files:

  • Added Assumption and Assumption* environments.
  • Updated the Subjectclass style (amsdefs.inc) to indicate AMS 2000 rather than AMS 1991.
  • Changed the order of include commands in amsart.layout to fix a bug in within-section numbering.
  • Fixed amsart-seq.layout so that the theorem counter did not restart after a section change.
  • Removed extraneous '[thm]' from Notation* definition.
  • Fixed order of .inc file inputs in amsbook.layout to correct a bug in environment numbering.
  • In amsmaths.inc, corrected the LatexName of Exercise* (missing *) [bug 4223].
  • Removed redundant declaration of thm from amsart.layout and amsbook.layout (declared in amsmaths.inc).
  • Corrected bug in Exercise environment in amsmaths.inc: numbering was specified as [section] v. [thm].
  • Removed extraneous '#' from the label of Algorithm in amsmaths-plain.inc.
  • Added starred versions of Criterion, Algorithm, Axiom and Summary. Mathematicians love symmetry; plus, it helps with compatibility of the numbered and plain layouts.
  • Moved counters and newtheorem declarations from amsart-seq.layout to amsmaths-seq.inc and merged them into styles there.
  • Deleted redundant style labels from amsart-plain.layout (repeated in amsmaths-plain.inc).
  • Deleted all \newtheorem* declarations from amsmaths-plain.inc (redundant with amsmaths.inc).
  • Per Richard Heck, removed AlignPossible from two instances of Section (where NeedProtect = 1) and one each of Title, Author, Date and Abstract (where AlignPossible duplicated Align).
  • Converted the Case environment to an enumeration.
  • Fixed position of NoStyle tags in amsbook.layout in order to prevent "layout could not be deleted" error.
  • Moved the declaration of the thm theorem type to early in the preamble, so that dependent types (e.g., lemma) can be used before the first theorem.

Changes in the 1.4.x files:

  • added the Assumption and Assumption* environments, which AMS supports but the layouts previously did not;
  • the "standard" AMS layout now numbers theorem-like styles within sections (so that the first theorem of section 3 is 3.1, not 3.<previous number + 1>);
  • the subject classification now reads 2000 MSC rather than 1991 MSC.


LyX 1.4.x

LyX 1.5.x

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