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Categories: Psychology, Humanities
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Using LyX for Psychology Papers

by Nick Daly

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  1.   1.  Starting the Document
  2.   2.  Categories

1.  Starting the Document

Ctrl+Shift+N to start a new document from a template, and select apa.lyx.

Go into the document properties and change anything that seems appropriate. The only page you should need to change is the "LaTeX Preamble". Just fill in appropriate author information. If desired, you can also change the options in the "Document Class":

  • jou - Journal format
  • man - Manuscript format
  • doc - Regular LaTeX format
  • nobf - Turns off bolded section headings for strict compliance to APA format

These can be separated by commas, for example:

 man, nobf

You're done! Now just type the document as you would a normal LyX document, and everything should work perfectly!

If extra spaces are added in level four headings, please see the fix in bug 4828.

For additional instructions, please see the ApaExample.lyx document. To use this file, one needs apa.layout. To get it...

2.  Categories

Category: Psychology Humanities

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