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About CJK-LyX

This page describes CJK-LyX (a multibyte version of LyX for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language users). See the CJK-LyX homepage for details.

N.B.: CJK-LyX has been merged with LyX 1.5.0

As of version 1.5.0, LyX comes with builtin CJK-support. CJK-LyX is therefore not developped anymore. However, getting CJK to work with LyX 1.5 is not trivial, and might not work right out of the box. Check out the page on Unicode for more info.

(Old) News

A version of CJK-LyX-(xforms,qt)-1.3.6 is now available at the new ftp site,

CJK-LyX-(xforms,qt)-1.3.6 is a patched version of (xforms,qt) port of lyx-1.3.6 for multibyte language users such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean users.

Thanks to Mr. Satoru Goto(, this version contains an important fix of the bug in exporting lyx files to ascii or latex files. I also found with the help from Mr. Atsushi Shimmra(, a workaround of the problem displaying symbols in CJK-LyX-qt. So, I strongly urge every users of CJK-LyX to this version.

CJK-LyX-xforms users should also notice that a new i18ned xforms lib., xforms-1.0-i18n_7 has been uploaded at the above ftp site. -- cghan

CJK, Japanese?, Chinese, Unicode, Korean?

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