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Alternative Icons

see also LyX Logos

1.  Application and Mimetype Icons

1.1  Crystal-Style

(grab icon tarball)

Two of the three variants are taken from gentoo, one (the green) has been done from scratch. Cf. the README file for details.

1.2  Redesign of the classic LyX icon

Here is some initial work of a polishment of the old LyX application icon:

If you feel like improving it, grab the SVG sources.

1.3  Etiquette-Style

These icons are manipulations of the etiquette-theme by Andy Fitzsimon.

Enclosed in the .tar.gz file are two .svg files and two exports (subsequently touched up a little with the gimp) of these .svg files to .png, one using 16 colors only and the other using 256 colors.

(Angus Leeming)

1.4  Alternative Application Icons

  • Derived by John Spray from the banner graphic from PNG with alpha channel.

2.  Toolbar Icons

2.1  Retro (XForms-Style)

Reinhard Stepanek has created alternative toolbar icons (mainly for the xforms frontend):

2.2  Light Icons (for a dark theme)

If you have a dark GTK theme (for example Zenburn), you might want to invert TeX' icons' color for better visibility. You can do this the dirty way using the following command (path depends on where LyX is installed, requires imagemagick).

sudo find /usr/share/lyx/images/ -type f -exec convert {} -negate {} \;

Screenshot here

In addition, the Math and IPA figures are in black, even after the last step, because these figures are SVGZ files. To change them to yellow (or any other color that you like), you can follow the instructions in [Note: The solution in the mentioned page already incorporates the ideas in the previous paragraph, so there is no need to run that earlier code.]

2.3  GNOME-Brave icons

WIP theme by Duncan Williams to make Lyx integrate in GNOME:

2.4  Windows-Style

Another icon set is available that matches the Windows environment: Download here(approve sites)

Windows Icon Preview

3.  Further hints

Some icon and logo re-designs can be found here.


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