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Notes on compiling the development version of lyx (i.e. from cvs)

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  • It takes a bit of space... over 500 MB ... You will get much less if you decide to not include debugging information by using the configure switch: --disable-debug
  • It needs automake > 1.5 and autoconf > 2.54
  • These notes assume that xforms is properly installed (for the xforms-version)

These notes assume you set some environment variables to save typing. In my case I've created a module (e.g. ) file that does this for me. If you still want to follow these notes but don't feel like using my modules file, see here for setting the EnvironmentVariables. To see what branches there are, you can try looking here. There are also some notes on the directory structure (CompileDirNotes) that is assumed.

Checking out a specific branch of the source code, starting from scratch

I first just add a module (here I use ):

 module add lyx/devel/1.3.x-qt  

Instructions common for qt and xforms frontend

mkdir -p $LYXDEVEL; cd $LYXDEVEL; Create a workspace and go there, -p inhibits error messages
cvs -d login Only if you need to login (password: lyx)
cvs -d co -d $LYXTAG -r $LYXTAG lyx-devel Check out source (have coffee)
mkdir -p $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND Create separate build directory
cd $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND; Go to build directory

Instructions to configure for the different frontends

Frontend][Configure instruction
Qt../configure --with-version-suffix --prefix=$LYXPREFIX --disable-libtool-lock --with-frontend=qt
Xforms../configure --with-extra-prefix=/pkg/mdhacks/grp/util --with-version-suffix --prefix=$LYXPREFIX --disable-libtool-lock;

Further instructions to build and install

mkdir -p $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTENDJust in case...
cd $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND;Just in case...
make; Build
strip $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND/src/lyx; Strip debug informationl
make install;Install

All in one

These commands are listed here so that I can copy&paste...

Without doing cvs update or using

-Make build dir, configure and make
Qt mkdir -p $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND && cd $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND && ../configure --with-version-suffix --prefix=$LYXPREFIX --disable-libtool-lock --with-frontend=qt && make -j 5
Xforms mkdir -p $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND && cd $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND && ../configure --with-extra-prefix=/pkg/mdhacks/grp/util --with-version-suffix --prefix=$LYXPREFIX --disable-libtool-lock && make -j 5

First doing cvs update -d and then, but not installing

-Updating files, autogen, configure and make
Qt mkdir -p $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND && cd $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG; cvs update -d && ./ && cd $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND && ../configure --with-version-suffix --prefix=$LYXPREFIX --disable-libtool-lock --with-frontend=qt && make -j 5
Xforms mkdir -p $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND && cd $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG; cvs update -d && ./ && cd $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND && ../configure --with-extra-prefix=/pkg/mdhacks/grp/util --with-version-suffix --prefix=$LYXPREFIX --disable-libtool-lock && make -j 5

The option --enable-maintainer-mode makes it so that ./autogen etc isn't needed.

Compiling after lots of changes

When the code has changed substantially, you may have to follow the following steps to get it to compile:

  1. cd $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/cvs update -d; # Update files, including any new directories
  2. ./ # Recreates some makefiles or something...
  3. Proceed as usual with configure etc.

If it still doesn't work, something might be left in one of the .deps/-directories. For instance, if the Qt frontend builds properly but not the xforms-frontend, then you can try to remove the .deps/-directories from the build-xforms/-directory. This code does it for you (tcsh):

find $LYXDEVEL/$LYXTAG/build-$LYXFRONTEND -type d -name .deps -exec rm -rf {} \;

Checking out the documentation

The commands in the table below will check out the HEAD revision of the documentation to the directory:

mkdir -p /space/lyx-doc; cd /space/lyx-doc;Create a workspace and go there, -p inhibits error messages
cvs -d loginOnly if you need to login (password: lyx)
cvs -d co -d HEAD lyxdoc Check out latest documentation (have coffee...)
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