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A playground for link markup etc


I'd just like to give a few tips to those of you who edit wiki pages.

Feel free to play with link markup here, or in any other page in the group called "Playground/".

If you don't feel like reading any more, just remember to link to other wiki pages using the following format:


as in for example:


More details will now follow:

  • Links should in general be written withing double square brackets (avoid "WikiWords", they are depreceated and will be disabled eventually)
  • When linking to a page in the same wiki, you should *never* have to prepend the link with 'http://wiki.lyx.org/...'. This is bad e.g. if the wiki site is relocated (even within the same domain)
  • If you want to create a link to another page called "SomePage" in the same group as the current page, simply use one of the following examples:
        SomePage                    (shows as "SomePage")
        some page                   (shows as "some page")
        somePage                    (shows as "somePage")
        some                  (shows as "some")
The last example used () to prevent "page" from being shown.
  • If you want to create a link to another page called "OtherPage" in a group called "Playground", you can create the link as follows:
        OtherPage          (shows as "OtherPage")
        Other Page         (shows as "Other Page")
        other page         (shows as "other page")
        Other page         (shows as "Other page")
In all these cases, the name of the group isn't shown. To show that, use
  a dot ('.') instead of a slash, as in this example:

        Playground.Other page       (shows as "Playground.Other page")
  • If you want a link text that's completely different from whatever the destination is called, that's easy to. There are two ways of doing this:
        click this link (shows as "click this link")
        click this link  (shows as "click this link")
Here's a cute example:

  and here's the other way of writing it


For the official documenation, see here:



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