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It is not read, and could be deleted/trashed at any time.'''

For actual feature voting, go to FeaturePoll.

You can vote for an existing feature request by adding your name (preceeded by treble star***) below the feature. You can also request an entirely new feature (preceeded with single star*, and double star** for sub categories), with the sole limitation your imagination.

Note that:

  • Features that have been implemented in the current stable version are highlighted green. Cf. this overview on new features in LyX 1.4, this overview for new features in LyX 1.5, and this overview for new features in LyX 1.6.
  • Features that are under development for the next major version are marked yellow. Cf. this overview on the current developments.
  • Features that are very unlikely to be implemented (due to developer design decision, technical reasons, etc.) are marked red.
  • Features that are available for sponsorship at are marked orange.

Table of contents (hide)

  1.   1.  Tools
    1.   1.1  Spellchecker
    2.   1.2  Find and Replace
    3.   1.3  Change Tracking/Document Comparison/Revision Control
    4.   1.4  Date Preferences
    5.   1.5  Formatting Tools
  2.   2.  Citing, Referencing and the Lot
    1.   2.1  Citing
    2.   2.2  Cross-referencing
  3.   3.  Misc

1.  Tools

1.1  Spellchecker

  • Spell Checker Dialog
    • "Change All" option→implemented in LyX 2.0
    • Spelling language indication on pane (See bug 2208)→implemented in LyX 2.0
    • Dock widget or even intext popup widget for spellchecker (See bug 2266)→LyX 2.0 features a dock widget
  • Spell Checking Workflow
    • Ability to edit while spellchecking (see bug 2529). I often find unrelated errors during a spellchecking session. But if I fix them, spellcheck have to start over from the beginning. It'd be nice to simply continue from the position where it stopped last time.
      →fixed in LyX 2.0
    • Continuous spell checking, as you write with wavy underlining (See bug 718)→implemented in LyX 2.0
      →How to sponsor this feature
    • Turn-off option for spell checking comments or notes (See bug 1509)→implemented in LyX 2.0
    • Allowing sections not to be spellchecked (see bug 1042). This is very useful for computer code, acronyms etc., no more "click click click..." to skip through all these while spellchecking. Also useful with the continous spellcheck mentioned below.

1.2  Find and Replace

  • Find and replace dialog
  • Find and replace workflow
    • 'Find and replace source text&lt;&lt;E?.g. Able to search for \index{density, able to replace McCabe with M\textsuperscript{c}Cabe etc. Also Unicode regexes. (See bug 3998).
      → Preliminary work done for LyX 2.0, see this overview
    • Wrap-Around Search, so you don't have to search backwards and forwards to finally find what you're looking for.
      → This is also done in advanced search in LyX 2.0.
      • Jack Desert
      • Aurélien Gentils
    • Highlight all matches, not just the current one (with a different color for the current one compared to the others) like VIM, Emacs and Opera.

uZfsx9 Got it! Tahkns a lot again for helping me out!

1.3  Change Tracking/Document Comparison/Revision Control

  • Change Tracking (new in LyX 1.4)
    • Show/Hide changes on screen (LyX Workarea)
      for working on long documents it is very confusing always having all deleted text still there especially when lots of changes are made. so it would be great to have an option that would show only the final output on the screen
  • Comparing documents (see 3469) →implemented in LyX 2.0
    →How to sponsor this feature
  • Revision Control
    • using SVN instead of/additional to RCS → SVN is supported.
    • (Better) version control for windows (I've tried all sorts of way of getting RCS installed on windows (which worked, but lyx can't seem to work with) → lyx should work correctly with rcs as of version 1.6.0 --ps
    • Ryan Cross - (v 1.4)
    • CVS support, with ability to diff a file against other revisions of that file. It would also be nice to be able to include the CVS revision history into the document itself ( ->autogenerated changelog).
    • Mercurial support. Mercurial is a distributed revision control written in Python. It would be nice if it is available in lyx out of the box.

1.4  Date Preferences

  • Lyx should provide a drop-down menu list of common Date formats from which a user may choose. The user shouldn't have to supply a date format code -- e.g., %x, etc. The drop-down menu should display example date formats like modern wordprocessors.
    • Bruce Bigby (

1.5  Formatting Tools

  • colour and appearance of inserted horizontal lines
    • LyX should provide a simple right-mouse-button-menue to change thickness and colour (and maybe even the style) of inserted formatting horizontal lines.

2.  Citing, Referencing and the Lot

2.1  Citing

  • Citation workflow
    • Check for hanging citations. It would be nice for Lyx to warn you of citations that you have not in your bibtex databases but still have cross-references referring to them. It's a pain to search through the document looking for the cross-refs. Perhaps it could be added to the new Labels&Reference Navigator. (Edit: Make them a different color, e.g. red, would also help a lot)
    • Change all function. --- In cases where the Bibtex key has changed in the Bib-file it would be cool to have a function in lyx that updates all bibtexkeys referring to the same entry.
  • User Interface
  • Really easy and slick BibTeX Frontend build into LyX
    →This is very unlikely to happen. A bibliography tool (also a simple one) is a rather complex application, and there are countless applications available that do better than a homebrewn one ever could. However, in LyX 1.6, you can directly open included BibTeX databases via a context menu on BibTeX references. LyX will automatically detect an installed BibTeX editor, such as Jabref or Pybliographic. Also, 1.6 has improved support for searching, etc., references.
  • Support with built-in bibliography tool for only showing references that are cited.
    • Gabriel Many
  • Zotero integration for citing (bug 6300). Zotero is supported, since with it it's far easier to define custom citation stiles in the preamble. Just having the possibility to select them from the citation dialog would be enough (without the "citation preview" as of now)

2.2  Cross-referencing

  • Workflow
    • Automatic cross reference labels. The writer should not need to insert a label to cross-reference section 3.6.1. LyX should offer all numbered entities in the cross reference dialog and auto-generate latex labels as needed. act of theme being bright). Changing to Tango Project perhaps fixes this automatically?
      • Guillem Pastor

3.  Misc

  • Possibility to scroll further down than the end of the document (so that the last line is at the top of the screen, I hate having to "look down" all the time, or insert faux linebreaks) - implemented in 2.0
    • Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
  • Zoom slider (for people without mouse wheels / knowledge of what a ctrl button is)
    • Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
  • Add/remove toolbar icons, like
    • Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
  • Toolbars should have a right-click menu item to add more toolbars.
    • Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
  • Fullscreen mode should have drop-down (auto-hide) toolbars/scrollbars/tabs and an 'X' button to exit fullscreen mode (taking a hint from Firefox).
    • Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
  • Provide a dialog box or a page setting view where graphically page setting may be performed to be stored in a .layout file, Including how titles subtitles section etc. are placed and their display etc. But perhaps only lorem-ipsum as the text in it.
    • Rahul Gupta
  • More comprehensive typography interface. It'd be great to see non ERT (icon/menu-accessible) features added based on their relevance/presence in typographic tradition and theory. For instance, I'd like to see a dialogue or menu for a number of different recognized means of starting a new paragraph---i.e. outdent, symbol without indent or linebreak (in addition to the ones already available).
    • Scott Steele
  • Gallery interface icons and instant preview. I'd like to immediately see a rough approximation of whatever option I'm hovering my mouse over. As it is now, I'm often clicking/undoing. This is somewhat frustrating as I found it faster to change options in plain LaTeX and recompile than to test features through LyX.
    • Scott Steele
  • Website
    • Add an RSS feed to the News page and the Developer News sections. → done!
    • A Lyx blog where developers occasionally sum up what is being developed and what users can expect from the next version vould be even nicer (just pasting the updates on NewInLyX20? would be fine).

Please Note, no preference is indicated by the order of the categories.

vJ0xLL Real brain power on display. Thanks for that awensr!

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