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Page containing old announcements regarding the LyX wiki.

From around December 2003:

The LyX wiki has moved to http://wiki.lyx.org/pmwiki.php

Needs rewrite for upgrade to pmwiki 2

The LyX wiki has moved to http://wiki.lyx.org/pmwiki.php.

Different wiki engine

The new wiki site uses a different wiki engine called PmWiki:PmWiki [pmwiki.org] means that the wiki markup is also slightly different, for information about the new markup see the new TextFormattingRules.

Why is it moving?

There are several advantages of the new site:

  • Pages can be grouped, where the new site currently has groups such as: Main/HomePage, FAQ/FAQ and Examples/Examples.
  • Uploading of files is now available, so users can now add their own examples with lyx- and layout files. Note that uploaded files are common for a group.
  • The new location is next to the main Lyx web-site.
  • The new site is dedicated to LyX, whereas the old site was general and all page names had Lyx in the beginning.

Who is in charge of adding text to this site?

You are... anyone can contribute to this wiki site — just click on the edit-link to change a page.

What if I still have questions about this wiki site?

Ask them on the users's list...

/The LyX team.

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