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Site overview

This page gives an overview of the LyX wiki site.
''If you want to change this page, most of the contents is actually included from: Site.GroupCategories, LyX.GroupList, Site.GroupList? and Devel:Devel.GroupList.''

Group categories

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Every page of this wiki belongs to a WikiGroup. To simplify navigation, the groups are partitioned into categories and they are listed in the section Group categories in the Sidebar?.

The current category is indicated by the symbol '', and the categories are as follows:

Groups about (or related to) LyX, such as how to use it, tips,

examples, etc.

This site
Groups about this wiki-site, such as how it

is organized, how to edit pages, upload attachments etc.

Groups about the development of LyX, i.e.

mainly for the developers.

Page trails

Usually there is a WikiTrail at the top of each page (e.g. << | PageList | >> ). The left and the right links move you to the previous and next page in the list respectively, and the middle link moves you to the page that defines the trail.

Groups about LyX

See the corresponding LyX/GroupMap for a detailed overview of these groups.

Groups about this site

See the corresponding Site/GroupMap for a detailed overview of these groups.

Groups about the development of LyX

See the corresponding Devel/GroupMap for a detailed overview of these groups.

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