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Structure and organization of contents at this site

Descriptions of groups

In the homepage of each group, I will put a description of the purpose of that group, and what kind of information should be added to it. This description should be one paragraph, and marked with an anchor like this: [[#aboutGroup]] This allows other pages (e.g. the Site/SiteMap) to extract it's description.

Quick description of groups

Groups about (or related to) LyX in the user's field

  • LyX/ — The primary group with pages related to LyX and its users
  • FAQ/ — FAQ about/related to LyX
  • Tips/ — Tips for using LyX
  • LaTeX/ — About LaTeX, installing/using classes/packages
  • BibTeX/ — About BibTeX and using it and its .bib-files
  • Tools/ — Scripts that are useful for LyX-users
  • Layouts/ — Repository for LyX-layouts
  • Examples/ — Examples of doing things using LyX
  • Personal... — Various groups with personal pages, see about personal pages

Groups about (or related to) this site

  • Site/ — About this site
  • SiteTest?/ — Used to test this site
  • PmWiki/ — PmWiki-documentation
  • Playground/ — For playing with markup in sandboxes

Groups about (or related to) the development of LyX


There is a sidebar for navigation.


How do Personal groups fit in?

Their content should somehow be related to LyX (or its development), so they logically belong to the meta-group LyX.

Where should I add tutorials and user manuals about using LyX?

These are for users... put them in LyX:LyX/Tutorials. Other options are LyX:Examples/Tutorials or a separate group LyX:Tutorials/. For now, we'll use LyX:LyX/Tutorials.

Where do I add information about working with layouts?

Somewhere in the group LyX:Layouts ... see LyX:Layouts

Where do I add documenation about scripts in $LYX/scripts?

Add it to LyX:Scripts/...

What file formats are documented in separate groups?

.lyx, .layout/.inc, external_templates needs new groups such as: FormatLyx, FormatLayout and FormatExternalTemplate,
or FmtLyx, FmtLayout and FmtExternalTemplate
For development purposes, use DevelExternalTemplates, where it'll be used for more than documentation.

What file formats don't are not documented in a separate group?

.bind, .ui .kmap, .cdef => Hmm... maybe one of these:
Formats?, FormatFile, FileFormat or Doc/FileFormats?.
For development purposes, it could go into Devel/FileFormats

Where should I describe additional tools such as lyx2lyx, reLyX?

=> LyX/lyx2lyx and/or devel/lyx2lyx.
Maybe add a page Tools?? Rats...

   Scripts? should be renamed to Tools
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