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Tools and scripts that can be used with LyX

You can add your scripts that can be useful to users of LyX in this group.

Adding a new script

When you add a script to this group, at least edit Tools.PageList and add a one-line-description, with a link to the script. For more detailed instructions, see AddingScript.

Scripts (included from Tools.PageList)

  • homepage
  • Instructions in how to add a script to this group
  • Scripts and Programs:
    • Lyx bindings: Script for listing current keyboard shortcuts (bindings) from .bind-files
    • LyX-GrammarChecker: Script that provides Grammar Checking support within LyX.
    • PyClient: Python interface to the LyXServer
    • LatexToLyx: (:include Site.DefineWikiStyles:)
    • MatlabToLyx: Goal--Insert Matlab code into LyX
    • MifToLyx: Mif2lyx is a converter from FrameMaker (v. 5) MIF format to LyX
    • Newfangle: Newfangle is an alternative to noweb. The weave step can be omitted altogether as it has been replaced by latex macros. The tangle tool is implemented by newfangle - written in awk for portability.
    • Noweb: A lyx document that explains how to get Lyx 1.6.2 working with noweb 2.11b, because sadly notangle garbles the output, and so does noweave to a lesser degree.
    • LyX2OpenOffice: There are 3 main methods of converting LyX documents to Open Document Format (the format used by OpenOffice): By python script, bash script, and by a converter installed in LyX. More detailed information about both methods follows.
    • SVG Files and Inkscape: Directly include SVG-Images in LyX.
    • Otl2lyx: Outline to LyX (otl2lyx.awk) converts a tabbed outline almost into a .lyx-file.
    • MetafileToEPSConverter: Metafile to EPS Converter
    • Bibdesk script (see section 9): This is a HOWTO for LyX/Mac, a full-featured native implementation of LyX on the Mac OS X.
    • Word2LyXMacro: This pages provides a way to convert a Microsoft Word document to LyX format.
    • Word2LyXConversionProcess: Notes on how Steve Litt converted a book from MS Word to LyX via RTF and using Word macros.
    • ELyXer: eLyXer was a LyX -> HTML converter. While there are a ton of such projects all over the web, eLyXer has a clear focus on flexibility and elegant output.
    • LyXBlogger: LyXBlogger allows LyX to post beautifully formatted code directly to your WordPress blog.
    • Google Translate4LyX: Python script to help translate a LyX/Latex document with Google Translate.
    • LyX Notebook: Allow LyX to be used as a code-evaluating notebook, similar to Mathematica notebooks or Sage notebooks.
    • StatWeave Integration: Goal Integrate StatWeave insets into LyX.
    • DuplicateRefs: Python script to remove duplicate references from LyX files. When one object has several labels, remove all labels but one.
    • LyXConverter: LyXConverter is a commercial ($29.95) Microsoft Word add-in from the Editorium that converts Word documents into LyX documents.
    • GnuplotInLyX: Template for external gnuplots and converter scripts for LyX


You might also want to check out the scripts that developers use, i.e. see DevelTools.
In case you are making releases of your package it is also possible to ask developers to include your work into

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