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Tips for using this site

This page contains various tips and links to help you use this site more efficiently. Feel free to add more tips!

  • Check out the access keys — you can use keyboard shortcuts to edit the current page as well as go to the search form or the upload page.
  • If you only want to search the group Site/, put Site/ first in the search form.
  • To list all pages in a group, simply search for the group name followed by a '/', e.g. Site/
  • When creating external links, there are several pre-defined InterLinks available: These InterLinks are defined on the page Site.InterMap


This section contains some "official" guidelines and policy, enjoy ;-) chr

Removing inappropriate material

If you see something on the wiki you feel is inapproriate, feel free to remove (or move) it yourself! If you're uncertain, ask on the user's list about it. In fact, it's quite safe to delete first and ask later, as all changes to wiki pages are tracked and can be restored.
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Page last modified on 2008-01-06 14:00 UTC