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Tips related to using an outline when creating a document, i.e. when outlining the document.

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  1.   1.  Background
  2.   2.  LyX
  3.   3.  VIM Outliner
  4.   4.  Outlining and mind mapping tools
  5.   5.  Categories

1.  Background

This text should be added... :-
I created this page after seeing some discussion on outlining features on the users' lists.

2.  LyX

You can use binding of lfuns outline-in/out/up/down to keyboard shortcuts for faster work.

3.  VIM Outliner

Steve Litts likes to use the 'VIM outliner'. See his posts:

4.  Outlining and mind mapping tools

Please list useful tools for outlining here (mind mapping as well perhaps..)

On OS X, OmniOutliner is excellent, and with the correct plugin can output to LaTeX, which can then be imported to LyX.

From within Emacs, org-mode(approve sites) does an excellent job handling the outline of plain-text documents. It can export the outline to various formats, including LaTeX. Org-mode is currently shipped with GNU Emacs.


5.  Categories

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