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Categories: appendix, numbering, trick
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How to Reset the Numbering of Tables and Figures in an Appendix

By default (at least in Koma-Script article class), Tables and Figures included in an Appendix will be numbered continuously with the Tables and Figures in the main text. In order to have the ones in the Appendix numbered in a special way (e.g., Figure A.1 for Appendix A), the following TeX hack can be used to reset and format the numbering.

Insert the following in ERT somewhere inside the Appendix before any floats (but in a standard paragraph, not in the Appendix section title):

\setcounter{figure}{0} \renewcommand{\thefigure}{A.\arabic{figure}}

To do the same for Tables, just change the string "figure" to "table" in all three places.

This changes the entries in the TOC correctly as well.

Contributed by Paul Rubin

appendix, numbering, trick

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