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This article is about Typography in LyX.

Ellipsis without space: […]

To insert ellipses (…), press "Alt + ." This writes \ldots{} into the source. Usually after the ellipsis there an extra space, which fits well with following punctuation marks, as in …? However, this does not look good in brackets or parentheses, as used in quotations to mark omissions: […]

To adjust the ellipses for this case, insert the following lines into Document→Preamble:


or if you want a bit more space around the ellipses:


A more sophisticated way is to use the \textelp macro from the csquotes package, which is supported in LyX via the csquotes module (see https://wiki.lyx.org/Layouts/Modules). Please refer to the csquotes manual (sec. 7) for details.


For a clean typesetting you may need micro-adjustments. There is a package, microtype, which does that for you automatically:

To use it in LyX, check "Enable micro-typographic extensions" in Document→Settings...→Fonts

More about microtype: Microtype Documentation from CTAN

Typography, Tips

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