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Prerelease of LyX 1.3.6 for Windows
Angus Leeming
July 2005

LyX 1.3.6 has been through an extensive prerelease during which a small army of volunteers have posted bug reports. Squashing these bugs has resulted in a far more robust LyX 1.3.6 than would otherwise have been the case. Thanks, guys! We're retaining this page to record for posterity your (and our!) hard work.

LyX 1.3.6 prerelease history

  • 16 July 2005
    • Petrus Hyvönen reported that the open file requester fails when opening a directory. Fixed by the Q../Free guys.
    • The user's support directory has been renamed from "lyx" to "LyX". Please rename C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\lyx before installing this version of LyX 1.3.6.
    • Upload Version 25.
  • 14 July 2005
    The fixes in Versions 22 and 23 have been merged into the cvs repository; they're official!
    • Paul Rubin suggested that we should pop up a warning dialog the first time the user tried to export a LaTeX file that included a BibTeX database with spaces in the path. BibTeX will fail to compile this database, hence the warning. Done.
    • Make Paul Rubin doubly happy by displaying the version string in the Help→About LyX dialog as 1.3.6-pre24.
    • Upload Version 24.
  • 13 July 2005
    • Axel Rasche reported that spaces in the file path caused BibTeX to fail. The adopted solution copies the BibTeX data base to the temp directory, mangling its name in the process into something that's both recognizable to the user and useable by BibTeX. Note that this fix hasn't yet made it into the official sources.
    • The Q../Free guys continue to be busy backporting bits of Qt 4.0 to squash various bugs.
    • Upload Version 23.
  • 10 July 2005
    • Paul Rubin reported that MiKTeX's YAP .dvi viewer will crash if asked to preview a .eps file whose path contains more than about 170 characters. Such paths can occur quite commonly because of the way that LyX implements its mangling of file names in the temp directory. The cure is to re-implement the mangling algorithm. Note that this fix hasn't yet made it into the official sources. Note also that the bug will be squashed in the next YAP version and the workaround won't be needed.
    • José Matos' work on lyx2lyx in the 1.4 tree has been backported to the 1.3 tree. This means that LyX 1.3.6 should be able to read painlessly LyX files that have been created by LyX 1.4 or by tex2lyx.
    • Upload Version 22.
  • 6 July 2005
    • Jean-Marc committed João Luis Meloni Assirati's patch to add boldsymbol to the Qt math panel.
    • Upload Version 21.
  • 5 July 2005
    • Jorgen Johannson reported that shortcuts with the Alt key don't work. The Q../Free people have got busy and fixed almost all these key handling problems by backporting the code from the just-released Qt 4.0.
    • Finally (!) fix properly the problem with the output of quoted graphics file names to LaTeX that was reported by Ekkehart Schlicht.
    • Several other small bug fixes have been committed to the repository in the last week.
    • Upload Version 20.
  • 30 June 2005
    • Paul Rubin reported that my quoting of the name of the bind file stored in the preferences file somehow hadn't made it into the thing I uploaded as Version 17. Let's see if I can upload Version 18 with more success.
    • Joachim Krieg reported that launching LyX by clicking on a LyX document on the Desktop or in Windows Explorer would bring up LyX with an English interface. That's now fixed, although the down side is that a cmd window remains in the background. Need some help on that one.
    • The Q../Free guys fixed a little bug in the file browser.
    • Upload Version 18.
    • Follow Asger's suggestion on how to fix the .bat file properly.
    • Upload Version 19.
  • 21 June 2005
    • Paul Rubin reported a LaTeX problem with "paths with spaces" and the removal of the file extension when invoking \includegraphics.
    • Ekkehart Schlicht reported a problem with the output of quoted graphics files to LaTeX when the meaning of the " character had been redefined by LaTeX.
    • Upload Version 17.
  • 16 June 2005
    • Lior Silberman reported a couple of unpleasant UI defects in the Edit→Preferences dialog. Fixed.
    • Ekkehart Schlicht reported that the name of the bind file as output to the preferences file was not quoted, resulting in problems when the file name contained spaces. Fixed.
    • Viewers now recognize the '$$s' placeholder, just like Converters.
    • Upload Version 16.
  • 15 June 2005
    • Enrico Forestieri reported that the reLyX converter wouldn't work on Windows and proposed that we add a reLyX.bat file to invoke the script correctly. Done.
    • The language of LyX's UI can now be set from the installer. With thanks to Uwe Stöhr and Helge Hafting who devised and implemented the solution.
    • Upload Version 15.
  • 13 June 2005
    • Uwe Stöhr reported a conflict between ams and wasy fonts. Fixed.
    • Nicolás reported that ps2pdf -dCompatibilityLevel=1.3 does not work on Windows. Fixed.
    • Eugenio Guevara reported that Instant Preview does not work if the path to the temp dir contains spaces. Fixed.
    • Uwe Stöhr reported that Qt makes a mess of finding fonts "times" and "helvetica". Partially fixed. LyX now returns "Arial" for both. The remainder of the bug is Q../Free's.
    • Lior Silberman reported that the installer cannot find sh.exe, for example, if the containing folder ends in '\'. Fixed.
    • Uwe Stöhr reported that Q../Free was determining the resolution of his screen incorrectly. Fixed by the Q../Free team.
    • Upload Version 14.
  • 12 June 2005
    • Updated qt-mt3.dll. The Q../Free people have been hard at work squashing bugs for us:
      • It is now possible to input accented characters.
      • The hard crash in the file dialog reported by Paul Rubin has also been fixed.
    • Upload Version 13.
  • 10 June 2005
    • When moving back and forth between the various download screens on the installer, Uwe Stöhr noticed that his carefully chosen path to each executable was being replaced with the default value (as stored in the Registry). That's now fixed. Ie, the installer should respect your choices.
    • Fix the hard crash in the spellchecker dialog reported by Paul Rubin, who could crash LyX by opening multiple documents and spell-checking more than one of them.
    • Upload Version 11.
    • Johann Kellerman reported that my installer fix above was broken. Fix the fix by moving all manipulation of the registry entries to the onInit function.
    • Upload Version 12.
  • 9 June 2005
    • Work around bug in which a path "C:\tbar" appears on screen as "C:<TAB>bar", in total contradiction to the NSIS documentation!
    • New Spanish (with thanks to Nicolás!) and Dutch (with thanks to Edwin Leuven!) translations.
    • Upload Version 8.
    • Ah-hah! A real LyX bug (as opposed to one in the installer). Both Nicolás and Brian Linfoot reported that LyX was failing to generate PostScript output when using the clean_dvi.py script to sanitize the .dvi file. It transpires that whilst LyX can cope perfectly well with a conversion in which the input and output files have the same name, it told the next converter to use the temporary file which had already been renamed as the input (=output) file. Now fixed.
    • Upload Version 9.
    • New Swedish translation, with thanks to Christian Ridderström!
    • Updated German translation.
    • Paul Rubin pointed out a couple of small problems with the installer which should now be fixed.
    • Upload Version 10.
  • 8 June 2005
    • Update french.nsh (from Jean-Pierre).
    • Ensure that the installer behaves as expected when a page is entered multiple times.
    • Ensure that the installer generates a single, minimal "path_prefix" entry in the configure script, even if it writes it multiple times.
    • Run the configure script from the installer in blocking fashion, so that the user knows what is going on. This also means that LyX can now be launched successfully from the installer because textclass.lst will now be generated in time.
    • Upload Version 5.
    • Rename the DirtyDVI format as DraftDVI as that describes better what it does.
    • Update French translation.
    • New German translation (thanks Uwe!)
    • Always show the language choice dialog on start up of the installer.
    • Upload Version 6.
    • New Danish translation (with thanks to Janus Sandsgaard!)
    • packaging includes updated Italian translation of the main LyX interface.
    • Upload Version 7.
  • 7 June 2005
    • Follow a suggestion by Uwe Stöhr that the installer should search for Ghostscript before ImageMagick, because the latter uses the former.
    • Add Jean-Pierre Chrétien's translation of the installer into French.
    • Upload Version 3.
    • Johann Kellerman reported that the spell checker wasn't working. Now fixed. It turned out that Aspell was looking for its dictionaries at J:\Programs\Aspell-0.50.5\lib\aspell The location is hard-coded into Aspell and LyX does not yet attempt to overcome Aspell's default values. The only solution was to recompile my version of Aspell. Spell checking in LyX now works if your dictionaries are installed at C:\Aspell\dict, a similar requirement to Ruurd's ports.
    • Upload Version 4.
  • 6 June 2005
    • Version 1 and initial announcement.
    • Report by Uwe Stöhr that pressing the Browse buttons in the Edit→Preferences dialog leads to a crash (only when no document was loaded into LyX).
    • Fix uploaded as Version 2.
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