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The latest version of LyX 1.4.1 for Windows is: 1.4.1_v1 (released April 11th 2006)

Download: lyx-1.4.1_win32_setup_v1.exe

LyX 1.4.0 was released on 8 March 2006, swiftly followed by LyX 1.4.1 on 11 April. LyX 1.4.1 fixes many bugs in the original release and all users of LyX 1.4.0 are encouraged to upgrade.

Follow the installation instructions if you would like to install this release.

Installation notes

  • To enable spell checking, you need to install Aspell.
  • LyX/Win 1.4.x will coexist happily with LyX/Win 1.3.7 so long as the two are installed in separate folders. (You might wish to keep both versions, since LyX 1.3.7 is significantly faster for some large files.) User-level support files for LyX/Win 1.4.x will be installed in the LyX14x subfolder of the Application Data folder.
  • If you have a previous version of LyX/Win 1.4.x installed, you should remove it before upgrading to the current offering.
  • Spell checking in LyX/Win 1.4.x is performed by the latest and greatest version (0.6) of the Aspell spell checking library. You can find installers for Aspell 0.6 on the LyX wiki. Please note that Aspell must be installed at C:\Aspell for LyX to find it. Yes, we know that this is lame.
If you're also using an older version of LyX/Win 1.3.x (which used on earlier version of Aspell, then rest assured that things will continue to work if you install Aspell 0.6 as well. However, you might want to upgrade to the latest version of LyX/Win 1.3.7 which now also uses Aspell 0.6.
  • LyX relies on a heap of other software. The installer should guide you through the installation of the most important bits.
    The alternative installer LyXWinInstaller includes all needed programs, so that won't be bothered with installing details.
  • (This problem doesn't occur with LyXWinInstaller.)
    If 1.4.1 won't start in XP, and you got errors related to lyxrc.defaults while you were installing, you may need an environment variable MSYS didn't install. Go to Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables->User variables for Owner and edit the "path" variable, i.e. add C:\msys\1.0\bin or wherever you told the MSYS installer to put that directory. Then open a command prompt, navigate to i.e. C:\Program Files\LyX141\Resources. At the prompt, type "sh configure". After a goodly wait, during which the script will return the results of what programs it found, you should be able to start LyX from the desktop shortcut (you may have to reroute that shortcut to C:\Program Files\LyX141\bin\lyx.bat, or to lyx1.4.x.exe in the same directory, as noted elsewhere in the wiki.)
    • This did not help. a) What is MSYS? and b) This is a Windows installation, so what does sh have to do with it?
    • To reply to the previus user, I will explain how I got around this problem : download MSYS 1.0 on the web at (this link might get obsolete soon), install it, add it path to your PATH environement variable and run the sh configure command as stated above. It worked. MSYS allows you to get a minimal system for installation of unix-type apps and thus provides the sh command. Hopes it helps. Samusz.
  • Folks who have devices (network drives, flash drives, FTL drives ...) using the drive letter J have reported problems starting LyX/Win 1.4.1 if the J drive is offline. Solutions include disconnecting network drives before starting LyX, attaching something to the J drive, or using the DOS command 'subst J: C:\' to temporarily map J to C (and 'subst J: /d' to undo the mapping when done).
  • (This problem doesn't occur with LyXWinInstaller.)
    Due to a bug (or confluence of bugs) in the configuration process, LyX/Win 1.4.1 may not recognize the presence of tex2lyx, the program that allows you to import LaTeX files as LyX documents. If File->Import does not show the LaTeX option, open a command windows in the LyX bin directory verify that (a) you have tex2lyx1.4.x.exe there and (b) you do not have tex2lyx.exe there. Either rename tex2lyx1.4.x.exe to tex2lyx.exe or copy it and name the copy tex2lyx.exe. Now reconfigure and restart LyX. The LaTeX import option should be there.

Windows Installation

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