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Since LyX 2.0.5 this installer is the official one! The old LyXWinInstaller and the old official one has been merged to this new one. This Wiki page will therefore not be updated anymore.

LyXWinInstaller for LyX 2.0.5

The installer installs a full working LaTeX-environment on your Windows system that consists in detail of:

The installer analyzes your system and only installs missing programs from the list above. For a full working MiKTeX-distribution an open Internet connection is needed while LyX is installed.
Note that Windows 95,98, and ME are not supported!

There are 2 installer variants available:

requires that LaTeX (MikTeX or TeXLive) are already installed
the installer for new users, additionally to the standard installer, it includes MiKTeX and JabRef - only necessary for new installations


You can download the installer from

If you have problems, please mail them to the lyx-users list.


Have a look at this page to learn more about BibTeX.

Windows, Installation

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