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How to use LyX for articles in Journals of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Installation
  3.   3.  Template
  4.   4.  Hints

1.  Description

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers provides instructions and a LaTeX-class for articles.

2.  Installation

  1. If not already installed, install the LaTeX-package IEEEtran. The easiest way to do this is to use the package manager of your LaTeX-distribution (TeXLive or MiKTeX)
  2. In LyX use the menu Tools->Reconfigure, and then restart LyX.

3.  Template

LyX includes the template file IEEEtran.lyx.

4.  Hints

Some IEEE journals propose use or even require to use the font package MathTime Professional 2 (mtpro2). If you installed this package to your LaTeX distribution, you can load it in the document preamble of your LyX document with the line
(The option noamssymbols assures that the package amssymb, that LyX might automatically load, is not used by mtpro2.)

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