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Frequently Asked Questions about Boxes, Frames and stuff

§1.  How can I make a shaded box with a line around it?

Shaded boxes are available with Insert -> Boxes -> Shaded Background. However, the box is not surrounded by a frame, which can be changed by creating a new environment, or redefining the actual one, see shaded box.

§2.  How can I change the background colour of a shaded box ?

Go to Document -> Settings -> Colors: Shaded boxes

§3.  How can put have text (e.g. itemized list) with a frame around it?

See framed box (it's a hack, but it works).

§4.  How can I have a floating box?

"floating" boxes, that behave like floats, are available with the module boxedfloat.module (contributed by Jürgen Spitzmüller).


  • Install the module: see Modules
  • Load the module: Documents -> Settings -> Modules: Boxed Float
  • Insert a floating box: Insert -> Float: Box
  • Insert a "list of Boxes": Insert -> List/TOC: List of Boxes
  • Specify placement: as any float, you can specify its placement by right-clicking on the upper-left button, then on Settings

FAQ Boxes

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