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1.  Introduction

You want the following result, or something like it:

1. Enumerate item

2. Enumerate item

Standard text, not embedded in enumerate environment.

3. Enumerate item

4. Enumerate item

More standard text, etc.

In other words, you would like an interrupted numbered list, or sequential numbering.

2.  Setting up an interrupted list in enumerate

There are several ways to accomplish this using the familiar LaTeX enumerate environment,

or methods using either ERT or the preamble. The following packages are useful:

For a quick-and-dirty explanation with an example see this FAQ entry.

3.  Using other environments/packages for interrupted numbered lists

Another solution would be to move away from enumerate and use packages such as covington.sty or gb4e.sty. These packages allow you to have sequential numbering throughout the text without resorting to ERT, and you can set up LyX to include them in your default document class. Covington is described here.

4.  Reducing vertical space in enumerate lists

See this FAQ entry.

5.  A LyX file containing an example of an interrupted list in enumerate using mdwlist


6.  A LyX file containing an example of alphabetical sub-items with Beamer class


7.  Swapping level i and level ii numbering schemes

If you would like to write a document in which the first level of a numbered list uses the abc letters instead of "normal" numbers and the second level will be numbered with 1, 2, 3...:

a. bla bla bla

b. bla bla bla

c. bla bla

   1. bla bla bla

   2. bla bla bla

d. bla bla bla

The following FAQ page will get you started, but what you want is a bit more complex. Try this in the preamble:


Note that this changes all first and second level enumerations throughout the document. The enumerate environment will look as it always does in LyX, so you'll see the results only when you typeset the document in PDF.

8.  Embedding on the same line in enumerate

By default, embedded lettered items in enumerate will appear on a different line from the numbered item:


   (a) one
   (b) two
   (c) three

If you'd like enumerate to look like this,

1. (a) one

   (b) two
   (c) three

Put an empty ERT in the line with "1." It won't appear correctly within LyX, but it will typeset how you want. See also this FAQ page? for a more in depth explanation.


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