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Sequence of actions

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  • Set up working environment from CVS-tag: lyx-1_3_3
    I do module add lyx/devel/1.3.3-xforms to set up variables for building xforms, and module add lyx/devel/1.3.3-qt for qt.
  • Verified that it builds properly (both xforms and qt).
    Qt: --no-cvs -f etc/qt-1_3_3.cfg
    Xforms: --no-cvs -f etc/xforms-1_3_3.cfg
  • I add the changes from Juergens patch.
    • Then I tried configure and make, but discovered that even though I'd modified, the corresponding had not been updated. I therefore ran
    • Running make now crashes because a call in ControlExternal.C missed an argument to browseRelFile() called 'save'. I set it to false.
    • Then it fails because QListingDialogBase.ui isn't found, but this is because QListingDialog.ui was misnamed (i.e. renamed the latter file).
    • Changed #include statement in QListingDialogBase.ui to use qt_helpers.h instead of gettext.h.
    • Now it compiles, and a dialog opens when you try to insert a listing inset. However, when you press Ok nothing is inserted into the document.
  • Then I add then changes from Herbert's patch.
    • Verified that qt-version still compiles
    • Tried compiling the xforms-version
      • Got an error for createListing(), mismatched declaration. Modified createListing() in xforms/Dialogs2.C to take a string argument as the Qt-version does. I checked how the Qt-version does it and did it the same way.
      • Got an error for FormListing.C; wrong use of ControlListing::Browse, since only one argument was used now. Did it as in Qt-version.
      • Now the xforms compilation works!
    • Tested the xforms version. Hmm... same problem as with Qt, the dialog seems to work, but nothing appears in the actual lyx document.
    • Went back and applied Herbert's diff for src/BufferView_pimpl.C that I hadn't done before. The diff didn't give a string argument when invoking Dialogs::createListing(), but I added an empty string.
    • Tried compilng xforms again, no luck.
    • Checked and noticed that the package listings.sty wasn't detected... had to modify lib/chkconfig.ltx, where I added a line \TestPackage{listings}. After that I reconfigured and the package was properly detected.
      Still no luck...

To do:

  • Go through the "patch" and see what the changes actually do...
    • List what's done and in what file
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Page last modified on 2006-04-11 08:58 UTC