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Prerelease of LyX 1.3.7 for Windows
Angus Leeming
January 2006

WARNING LyX 1.3.7 was released on 17 January 2006. This page is now obsolete.

If you're looking for the official release, then please go here.

There have been a steady stream of bug reports and fixes since the release of LyX 1.3.6 on 16 July, 2005. The link below is to an executable that contains fixes that have made it into the LyX 1.3.7 CVS tree. Testing is welcomed!

In addition to squashing a number of bugs in the LyX sources, the installer will install an updated qt-mt3.dll that squashes a number of bugs in the Q../Free code. Many of these improvements are based on Trolltech's official Qt4 toolkit which was released under the GPL licence on 28 June, 2005. The changes to the code base were extensive but appear to have bedded down well.

You can grab the installer here:

Improvements over LyX 1.3.7pre6:

  • Update the Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish translations of the Windows Installer.
  • Clean up registry entries when uninstalling.
  • Include the documentation ;-)
  • update Italian, Nynorsk, Polish and Spanish translations.
  • fix building on Mac OSX.
  • Alert dialogs can no longer be hidden behind the main window.
  • Double-clicking in the Cross Reference dialog works again.
  • Add support for some more external tools in the configure script.
  • Enable Instant Preview to work if the path to GhostScript contains spaces.

Improvements over LyX 1.3.7pre5:

  • Many changes to qt-mt3.dll.
  • Update of Danish, Hungarian and Spanish translations.
  • Add a Polish Translation to the Windows Installer.
  • Speed up the searching for math fonts.
  • Small bug fix to the sciword bindings.

Improvements over LyX 1.3.7pre4:

  • lyx2lyx has been synchronized with LyX 1.4; documents generated by LyX 1.4 (or by tex2lyx) can be read by LyX 1.3.7pre5.
  • LyX's Hungarian interface will now work out of the box on Windows.
  • The selection is no longer eaten when inserting an index entry.
  • The Installer's search for a PostScript viewer is now more sophisticated.
  • A Q../Free problem with drag and drop has been squashed.
  • The Instant Preview script will now run successfully when the path to the Ghostscript executable contains spaces.
  • The LyX system directories are now defined in a way that works also on Windows 95.

Note for users of Windows 98 and earlier

LyX 1.3.6 made use of a couple of system functions that were introduced after Windows 98 was released. It therefore didn't run at all on such ancient platforms. With the help of Luis Rivera, we've addressed these issues and LyX 1.3.7 now appears1 to work perfectly well on Windows 98. However, users will need shfolder.dll (22kB)2. If you have IE5 installed on your machine, then you'll already have it.

More detailed instructions on what to do to get LyX working on Windows 95 will go here...

1 The LyX GUI uses the Q../Free toolkit. Here's what Christian Ehrlicher, one of the Q../Free developers, has to say about Windows 98 support:

I just want to inform you that win98 support for qt3/free isn't really good because none of us have this anymore and there a lot of things don't work correct which work fine with w2k and up.

Having said that, we haven't noticed any problems ourselves...

2 This .dll comes courtsesy of www.TheScarms.com.

Squashed bugs reported by LyX 1.3.6 users

LyX 1.3.7 contains many other bug fixes than those listed here, but these ones were highlighted by users of LyX 1.3.6.

  1. Sreekumar R. Bhaskaran reported that he was not able to get any information when he clicked on the View→TeX Information drop down menu. It turned out to be another problem with "paths with spaces".
  2. Sven Schreiber reported that double clicking on a LyX file to open it in Windows 2000 causes the file name to be displayed on the titlebar etc in 8.3 format.
  3. William Adams reported that he was unable to start LyX on a Win98 machine. Luis Rivera had similar problems but also tracked the problem down: the Win98 version of shell32.dll doesn't contain SHGetFolderPathA.
  4. Jeremy Daily reported that the clean_dvi.py script was failing to process a .dvi file containing pstricks magic. It transpired that the bug was in the dt2dv tool.
  5. Paul Rubin reported problems with Drag-n-Drop of LyX files.
  6. Michael Schmitt reported that pressing "Return" in the Insert→Cross Reference... dialog activates the "Goto" button rather than "Ok". Partially fixed in LyX 1.3.7cvs.

Squashed Q../Free bugs, present in LyX 1.3.6

  1. Ekkehart Schlicht reported a display problem in multi-pane dialogs like the Layout→Document dialog. Reported forwarded on to the Q../Free list with screenshot.
  2. Nicolás reported that when partially selecting the content of a QLineEdit, all or part of the non-selected text becomes faded.
  3. Opening up a LyX document causes vast numbers of Qt warning messages to be printed to console:
    QFontEngineWin::boundingBox( glyph_t ) GetGlyphOutline: Cannot complete this function..
  4. Uwe Stöhr reported problems switching between sub-menus of the same parent menu. Reproduced by Christian Ehrlicher of Q../Free, so there's hope...
  5. Jean-Pierre Chrétien reported that the popup warnings get iconified (minimized) when the focus on them is lost, instead of going behind the LyX window as usual. You need to maximize them to recover control.
  6. Flickering of the whole text when characters are highlighted.
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